Heading Out on the Road for Some Serious Mountain Biking

There is absolutely nothing like heading out on the road with your vehicle and traveling to some gorgeous track somewhere, whipping out your bike, and then doing a spot of mountain biking. If you have a mountain bike then you are going to need to head out on the road. On this page I want to run you through a couple of the things that you will need to think about when heading out on that trip.

Firstly, you are going to need to get an idea of the type of place you want to head. You can do this in a couple of ways. In the past I used to pick up dedicated mountain bike magazines and have a flick through the pages. Most included a fair few maps of trails. However, most of these were not local. Nowadays you can just head online and get all sorts of advice. Do not forget to print off some maps. You are going to need to follow them.

Now, most people head out there with just their mountain bike and a bit of safety equipment. You can do this. However, if you are serious about mountain biking then you may want to take a couple of extra items on the road with you. It will make the trip not only safer, but it is going to be a great deal more enjoyable.

• Your Trail Map. We have already covered this. You need to know where you are going on that trail. Obviously you will want to have a road map too if you have not explored that area before.

• Spare Inner Tube for your wheel. You never know when it could break!

• Bike Repair Kit. This will include a wheel pump; puncture repair kit and various useful tools.

• Your Cell Phone just in case you need to get in touch with somebody.

• A First Aid Kit. I am sure that very few people head out on an epic mountain bike trip without getting a few cuts and scrapes.

• Food and Drink. Do not forget to bring plenty of water!

The last thing that you need to think about is the transportation of your bikes. In my mind, there is one solution that is better than all the others out there. This is the idea of using a bike hitch rack. These are incredibly simple to use. They just slide right onto your hitch and fit in securely. They come in a variety of different sizes allowing you to hold anything from one bike to three or four of them.

Remember, if you are searching for a bike hitch rack then I really do suggest that you carry out a bit of research into the various options available. Do not forget to read a couple of reviews too! After all, you need to make sure that what you pick up is absolutely perfect for the job, right? Remember, you want to keep an eye out for whether a particular rack will work on your vehicle or not.

How To Increase Your Creative Power – The Hindu Way!

The book under review is titled as ‘ The Journal of Oriental Research’. This has been published in the year 2007 and has nine articles in English.

This book is strongly recommended for reading and preserving for the students, scholars and anybody who is interested in Indology.

The article, ‘Creativity and its process: An appointment with Ancient Indian Aestheticians’ is giving you all the details to understand the multidimensional character of creativity with special reference to the nature and cultivation following ancient Indian aestheticians and to grasp few essential points needed for creative excellence.

This fantastic article has been written by C.Panduranga Bhatta, a renowned scholar in Sanskrit.

The ancient Indians created wonderful literature, music, sculptures, buildings and other creative products.

Rajasekara the author of kavyamimamsa has very clearly given eight factors as sources of creativity. They are:

1) Peace of mind (svasthya in Sanskrit)

2) Poetic intuition (pratibha in Sanskrit)

3) Practice ( abhyasa in Sanskrit)

4) Devotion (bhakthi in Sanskrit)

5) Participation in the assembly of the learned (vidvatmatha in Sanskrit)

6) All inclusive knowledge (bahusrutata in Sanskrit)

7) Strong memory ( Smrthi dhyanam in Sanskrit) and

8) Courage (anirveda in Sanskrit)

Those who want to increase the creative power in any field should develop these eight qualities.

Concentration which means oneness of mind or single mindedness is also given due importance in creativity.

The Hindu sages and poets strongly believed that there is a vast scope for creativity in each and every field be it literature or music or for that matter any other field.

This article gives details of awakening of the mind for creative thinking.

Other articles deal with Harmony in bana’s Harshacarita, description of nadis in vedic and yogic texts, The worship of Vastu etc.

We may read book reviews of nineteen books related to Indology also.

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute situated in Mylapore, Chennai, India is bringing out important books that are valuable for the scholars, students and book lovers who are interested to know many secrets revealed in Sanskrit literature.

While arithmetical manuscript is dealt in one article the varnam of music is explained in another article.The article ‘worship of vastu’ is giving the details about the birth of vastu and body of vastu.

These articles have been written by world scholars such as S S Janaki, Takao Hayashi,N S Satagopan, V.Kameswari, K.S.Balasubramaniyan,T V Vasudeva, R.Vijayalakshmy and Lalitha Ramakrishnan.

Sanskrit lovers, pl read this book without fail.

Nature’s Numbers by Ian Stewart

The book under review Nature’s Numbers by Ian Stewart is worth reading by one and all.

Ian Stewart is the author of over sixty books. In a very lucid style he explains the complicated mathematics that is found in nature to a layman.

He writes the well-known ‘Mathematical Recreations’ column in the famous magazine ‘Scientific American’.

To the non-mathematical readers the book is a boon.

The book has nine chapters namely, The natural order, What mathematics is for, What mathematics is about, The constants of change, From violins to videos, Broken Symmetry, The rhythm of life, Do dice play God, Drops, Dynamics, and Daisies. All the chapters are with very interesting examples.

In chapter one titled, Natural Order, the author explains the amazing facts of patterns that are found in the nature! In nearly all flowers, the number of petals is one of the numbers that occur in the strange sequence 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89!

The great scientist Kepler found that if you take the cube of the distance of any planet from the Sun and divide it by the square of its orbital period, you always get the same number. It was the same for all the six planets!

Io, Europa, and Ganymede are three of Jupiter’s larger satellites. They orbit the planet in, respectively, 1.77. 3.55, and 7.16 days. Each of these numbers is almost exactly twice the previous one. There is a significant pattern.

It is interesting to note about the Ship/Dock theorem. That is, if you want to change the word ship into the word dock by changing one letter at a time and getting a valid word at every stage, you will find that all solutions have one thing at common: at least one of the intermediate words must contain two vowels. Readers will be motivated to do this puzzle on their own to find out the result.

The rhythm of life is wonderful. In nature everything is rhythmic! There are numerous examples given in the chapter ‘The rhythm of life’. The author analyses the chaos theory in the chapter ‘Do dice play God’.

There is a list of books for further reading to those who are interested to know more about natures’ secrets.

It is highly recommended that all should read this book to understand natures’ secrets or rather secrets of God!