An Exciting Book About Exciting Ways to Live

Life is a big game. If you want to win the game you must know the exciting ways to live. The author of the book, ‘365 Exciting Ways to live’, Mr. N.C.Sridharan has explained in detail the exciting ways in 365 small chapters. It is designed to read one chapter per day.

Time is an invisible resource. You should know where and how you spend your time. Set a time frame for every activity and stick to it.

You may be a talented writer, music composer, an artist, a doctor or an engineer. Give the best to the society.

Lack of training is an important reason for a slow pace of work. The secret to speed is: Practice, Practice.

Review your list of goals and identify the gaps in your skill set. Identify your training requirements.

Planning is very important to achieve your goal. Put your plan on a piece of paper. Keep a small notebook. Jot down all the important points. If necessary approach experts and get their opinion on important matters.

What are you producing in your ‘Thought Factory’? If your mind is occupied with lofty thoughts, your actions will be noble. Fix your goal ten times tougher than your past achievement and notice how your thoughts work wonders for you! Develop positive thinking and focus all your thoughts on your goal.

Have some brain exercises in your brain gym. Use both of your hands. This will improve your intuition power and logical skill. Believe your installed capacity is much more than your displayed capacity. Dig into your hidden talent. Use it.

Love your job. The more you love your job, the less you will feel tired. These are all some of the tips one could gather from the book.

36 exercises have been added in the book to help the readers to develop a positive image and personality. Anecdotes make the book an interesting reading.

Very few people are coming forward to share their success techniques. The author has shared his success tips with us. The techniques are unique.

Those who want to succeed in life should read this book without fail. Thomas Carlyle once said that, “The best effect of any book is that it excites the reader to self-activity”. I am sure this book will lead you to the necessary destination.

The author is a management consultant. He has conveyed his ideas in a lucid style. The book has a fitting introduction given by the Supreme Court Judge of India, Mr. F.M. Ibrahim.